Francesco Venturini is a firm working  year after year in the marble handicrafts.

Traditions are carried on, fostered with devotion and respect from the firm; they underlie the patrimony guaranteeing the quality of an handmade  product, created by professional and honest people, from high quality materials with attention to any particular.

Every day we choose the best marbles from the extraction basins, where Michelangelo chose the raw material for his sculptures.

Francesco Venturini garantees unique and  custom-made products .

Even if it is a craft firm, Francesco Venturini has got a productive management that grows constantly and uses the newest and more advanced technologies to satisfy every kind of demand.

Francesco Venturini had always worked with internal and external furnishing creating marble items. It manufactures vases, columns, balusters, stairs, arches, fountains and everything else you can ask.

Every product is made by taking great care of high  materials, elegance and harmony in shape.


Via Silcia 147 - 54037 Marina di Massa (MS) Italy Phone +39 0585 243165 Email:

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